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A "Good Neighbour" Scheme

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We urgently need more volunteers to meet the demand for our services. See Volunteering for Care for further details.

Care in Shepperton is a group of local volunteers which offers 'Good Neighbour' help to those who may need assistance. We provide support to the ill, elderly and housebound living in the postal area of TW17, i.e. Shepperton, Littleton, Upper Halliford and Charlton Village (in the borough of Spelthorne). Our tasks consist mainly of Hospital and Health Centre journeys, lifts to hairdressers and shopping by list.

Our volunteers are men and women of all ages and abilities who give people the kind of help which would normally be given by a friend or relative. We have drivers who can get you to hospital, doctor or dental appointments, and one-to-one helpers who will do shopping, collect prescriptions, etc. However, we do not undertake personal tasks, i.e. laundry, housework, etc. See the More about Us section of the website for further details.

Register as a client.So, if you think Care in Shepperton can help you in some way, register as a client today.


If you think that you can help Care in Shepperton, we are always in need of more volunteers; show you care and register as a volunteer today. Register as a volunteer.

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